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Psychic and Spiritual Healer

The Psychic Reader You Can Depend On

At Psychic and Spiritual Healer, I conduct a wide variety of services that will help you gain clarity and achieve inner peace.


Navigate Life With Clarity

Determine your life path with my help! Hello, I’m Julia. At Psychic and Spiritual Healer, I offer a wide range of services such as psychic tarot reading, spiritual healing, and chakra balancing. With my help, you’ll gain clearer insights about your life and relationship with others.

Schedule a one-on-one reading with me, and see your life change for the better.

How Can I Help You

I offer real spiritual healing. When your chakra is unbalanced, I can correct the negative energy and turn it into a positive one. | I can reinforce love, health, relationship, career, and money to keep your chakra balanced. | I provide guidance through my honest and accurate readings. 

At Psychic and Spiritual Healer, I value privacy. I ensure everything you share with me, including personal information, will be confidential.

Take Advantage of My Promotions

All readings are 50% off! Buy one session and get one psychic reading session for free.

A Little About Me

  • My psychic ability is not something that I learned; it’s a gift. My mother is an American-Indian who has a strong psychic ability, and it was passed down through generations.
  • With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, I’ve helped many people all over the world with their life, love, and health problems, removing any negative energy in their paths.  

Contact Information

Psychic and Spiritual Healer

Phone: 703-344-3710

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