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Psychic and Spiritual Healer

What My Clients

Have to Say

At Psychic and Spiritual Healer, I conduct a wide variety of services that will help you gain clarity and achieve inner peace.


Feedback From My Clients 

I’m one of the trusted psychics in the area. Count on me to tell you the truth regardless if it’s good or bad — no sugarcoating. I’ll also make sure to have open communication with you, so you’ll feel more comfortable in sharing your story.

As a psychic who has been working with people from all walks of life, I’m proud to say that most of my readings are 98.7% accurate. If you’re still not convinced, then let my previous clients speak for my work. Below are some testimonials I’ve received from them.

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“Ok so I went to A psychic convention two years and I met and Jules she was really nice her reading was amazing and I was going through a lot at the time I was on the verge of a break up that she predicted would happen I was battling cancer and I didn't think that I was going to come out on the other end of it I was very uncertain about my fate and destiny but she told me not to worry that everything was gonna be OK and I was gonna get through it and be perfectly healthy so I was in town visiting friends and we wanted to get a reading so I went on Google and I saw the reviews and I figured I'll check out this place Just so happen it's Miss Jules I had lost her number when we first met she gave me her card and I always wanted to give her a call but I never came across her again until Faith stepped in and run me right to her front door small world...

And just has she predicted I am Now in a amazing relationship we are engaged I am healthy thank God it was a long fight but I did win as she predicted so I hope that many people will be just as lucky as I was to come across her because she really is amazing and gifted at what she does I know she gave me hope when I had a little and I know that she gave me comfort when I was a literally losing it”

- Kelis Simons 

“So me and my girlfriend got a phone reading I miss Julia And this was my first time ever talking to her over the phone but she made me feel so comfortable she told me everything that was going on in my present she told me things that were 100% accurate from my Past Usually I'm a pretty shy person and I would never really feel comfortable open up to ask questions but she made me feel really comfortable and I felt like I could talk to her about anything I did things before like California psychic and you don't feel comfortable talking about yourself to strangers so it's tough and you kind of pay for these readings that charge you per minute and it's like 123 and you're done but she took her time and answered every question and I would definitely get another reading so yeah just my thoughts”

- Danielle R

“I don't know why I'm gonna post this but I know I should cuz this might help someone like me ok here I go …… I went to miss Julia to get some answers about my girlfriend we had broken up at the time and I was really hopping that she would say what everyone else was saying which was it's over time to move on but...she didn't she told me that she was my soulmate and that we needed time apart she told me that I was so much in my own head that I was over stressing and that she would come back but I need to work on my Energy because I was so stressed And worried with everything going on around me like work family a close friend of mine had just passed and the relationship but I needed to cleanse my energy And she would come back to me but I would need to get in a better place with myself so I said to myself OK let me try it I didn't know how stressed I actually was until I started to get centered I didn't know what piece of mine was until I started having meditation sessions with Julia so then out of the blue about eight weeks later my girlfriend reached out to me and we started talking she told me that she was happy to see me and talk to me and that I was different happy at peace so not only did I notice it but so did she grow closer together I relationship is stronger than it ever was sometimes friends and family tell us things that we want To hear because they love us but Julia gave me the truth and the guidance and that's some thing that I don't carry with me forever”

- Robin H

“I'm to to us I'm not very good English I seen many spiritual healer where I live in Saudi this woman has gift by God truly a Blessing Nobody know me here she could tell me that she seen royalty in my background I went to her and use different name I use many names her reading was so honest I want to introduce her to my family that she can work for us she is very kind and tells truth Many blessings.”

- Yazamath S 

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